Being face to face

I love to call out your name in silence just to see whether you'd hear it.

I silently pray that you feel all this mushiness like me.

I want to know what you were thinking when our eyes are locked together for seconds.

I desperately want to hold your bare hands closed to mine.

I start jotting lots of wishes. One is that you'd know even before I need to spread all these out. But I guess for now I'd rather you don't.

Don't leave me yet. The parachute is not ready to take my fall.


  1. aku juga sentiasa melakukan seperti yang tertera di baris pertama setiap kali aku berseorangan..

  2. afrohead - just in case kalau-kalau hati dah lupa bagaimana rasa yang itu, heh.

  3. Deep, aku nangis.

  4. dobot - cry all you want dearie. because sometimes, that's the only thing we are capable of.