Clogged heart

Oh fuck I love the way you smile.

I have weak knees when I'm with you. If I stay longer, I might crumpled to the floor since the oxygen didn't go the brain to give orders for me to walk properly.

They are all stucked in the heart; pumping everything there. Then the brain freeze. The hand trembled. The voice going shaky. And I stuttered foolishly trying to create sentences to break the absence of communication between.

Let me yell out loud here--FUCK!


  1. benda-benda conventional boleh pergi mati. tapi, mungkin dengan matinya ia, aku juga mati.

  2. anonymous -

    luna - perkara-perkara yang boleh bawa mati kan.

  3. Kenapa dengan entry2 kau yang buat aku makin berfikir untuk hidupkan kembali si mati yg dah takde? :(