The sound of cello never fails to make my heart skipped a beat

Tonight, all by myself; I stay in the dark. Wishing you would come and tap me on the back. You gonna tell me that everything is going to be okay as usual. Then I'm back on the reality track.


  1. life should be too predictable if everything goes as planned; end up a bored life.

    let expect unexpected; and the surprise should be great; either it is great in heart or great in hurt.

    'they' want to come and tap you back, but 'they' believe you should be fine by alone yourself now, and 'tomorrow' should be best to say 'hi'.

    have a cup of tea with easy then.


  2. aj
    ahh. long time since i took a sip of tea :) sebab kopi je duk teguk hari-hari.

    oh, kenapa 'they'?

  3. Everything will be fine dear! :)