the reflect

the reflect i am seeing myself in the mirror is no longer me. because everytime i see myself in the mirror, i see you. perhaps i should not try to see the reflect of mine in the mirror anymore by then. i should have just go for you and look for me in your eyes maybe. the sparkling eyes of yours on which i am afraid to stare into.

because i know though deep inside i am boiling to tell the whole world of how much my love for you is; i am not ready to let you know that i have been longing for you all this long. longer and deeper than you could have imagine. all alone.

and because of this, i am tightening my own grip on myself. start to blabber on myself above all moments i'd love to call as 'coincidence' whenever i catch you staring long and deep into my eyes.

i'm shaking- terribly. because i am not so sure that it's me i see in you. is it?


  1. spread it out baby!

  2. dobot
    tak mampu.berkisar dengan perasaan dalaman dan berbisik perlahan saja boleh?mahunya didengar manusia itu.