The Diary of A Pathethic-Loser-I Am

I have lost my count on life. Although deep inside I do count on every single things to those numbers and alphabets on the news; but still I don't feel that it is enough. It's like there is a big missing piece of the puzzle I am trying to solve. Yet I am still here; yearning for a miracle to come. For a fairy-godmother to pop from the thin air and tell me that everything's gonna be okay. To see the world all smiling because of me and still;

I am not doing anything.


  1. chill la. as i said ilfe never been so simple kan. hang in there! ;)

  2. heh,farah;)
    kamu suka mengira yer?

    entri pertama dulu tajuk 'satu' kamu suka.

    and it's been a while since you give comment on; and here you are again.